Eurypyle | Amazon Warrior

Eurypyle Greek Mythology

Eurypyle was a queen of the Nubian Amazons who led warrior expeditions against Nineveh and Babylon around 1760 BC.

The admiration of Eurypyle for Babylon is reported in the comments of Eustathius of Thessalonica on Dionysius Periegetes where he tells that Eurypyle had seized Babylon in order to defend its beauty. The transformations which had been undertaken there by Semiramis had made her furious.

Contemporary art

In 1979, the American feminist artist Judy Chicago created a work entitled The Dinner Party, now on display at the Brooklyn Museum, in which she included the heroine Eurypyle among the 1,038 women she depicted.

The work takes the form of a triangular table of 39 guests (13 per side), each guest being a woman, either a historical or mythical figure. The names of the other 999 women appear on the base of the work. The name of Eurypyle appears on the base: she is associated with the Amazons, the seventh guest of the first wing of the table.