Molpadia | Amazon Warrior

Molpadia Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, Molpadia is an Amazon, mentioned by Pausanias and Plutarch as the probable murderess of Antiope.

The myth

If we accept the more general tradition about the origins of the Amazons, then Molpadia would be identified as one of the daughters of Ares and the nymph Harmonia and would have a parental connection with her companions Antiope, Otrera, Hippolyta, and Penthesilea.

When Theseus arrived in Themiscira and kidnapped Queen Antiope, Molpadia joined the forces deployed by the Amazon Hortia and marched against Athens to avenge the shame of the kidnapping.

In the violent clash that pitted the forces of the Athenian hero and the army of women warriors against each other, Molpadia struck to death, perhaps voluntarily, Antiope herself, who had deserted her companions and joined Theseus because she was in love.

The latter avenged her death by killing Molpadia in turn. The latter's body was buried along with Antiope's at the temple of Mother Earth. A monument was erected in honor of Molpadia, which Pausanias still remembers in Athens.