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Amphitrite Greek Mythology

Amphitrite (in classical Greek: Ἀμφιτρίτη), in Greek mythology, was the daughter of the nymph Doris and Nereus, thus a Nereid.

She is the wife of Posidon and goddess of the seas. At first she refused to join the god, hiding in the depths of the oceans, in a place known only to her mother. She eventually gave in to Posidon's attacks and became queen of the oceans. She is represented carrying a trident, symbol of her sovereignty over the seas.

Like Hera, she suffered with her husband's extensive betrayals, but did not possess the former's corrosive jealousy.

According to reports of visions by priests, Amphitrite appeared to have long straight brown hair, light brown skin, and dark eyes.


In the book "The 100 Best Stories of Mythology," it is said that Amphitrite, daughter of Nereus and Doris, refused to marry Poseidon when he went looking for her.

Zeus, Poseidon's brother, at first sought out Nereus in order for him to get a good wife for his brother, who was causing earthquakes and hurricanes every time he got angry.

However, when Poseidon went after Amphitrite, she despised him for being rude to her, and so hid from him for a little over a year, when Zeus, in despair at seeing his brother so desolate, went looking for Amphitrite's mother, who was the only person who knew where her daughter was.

Posidon went after the Nereid, who was hiding in a cave hidden by a forest of lichens. Different and more thoughtful, he conquered her and took her to be queen of the seas and mother of his children.

According to legend, Amphitrite is the mother of Triton. She is confused with other goddesses from other mythologies such as Yemanja and Iris.

In Roman mythology, she is known as Salacia.