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Chione Greek Mythology
Quione (Greek Χιόνη), in Greek mythology, was a daughter of the wind god Bóreas and Orítia, and the mother of Poseidon's son Eumolpus, who came from Thrace to reign in Elêusis and whose tomb was recognized by the Eleusines and Athenians of the 2nd century AD.

His mother, Orithia, was the daughter of the king of Athens Erectheus, son of Pandion I, and of Praxiteia, daughter of the Potâmo Frasimo and the Nymph Diogeneia, and had been borne by the wind Bóreas. Orithia and Bóreas had two daughters, Cleopatra and Chione, and two sons, Zetes and Calais.

Quione became pregnant by Poseidon and gave birth to Eumolpus, but so that his father would not know, she threw her son into the sea. The god, however, collected him, and carried him to Ethiopia, giving him to Benthesicyme, his daughter with Amphitrite. After several adventures, Eumolpus was killed by Erectheus during the war between Elêusis and Athens.