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Enyo Greek Mythology

Enio, in Greek Ένυώ, "horror") or Enio, in Greek mythology, is a goddess known by the epithet "Destroyer of Cities" and often depicted covered in blood and carrying weapons of war.

Daughter of Phocis and Keto, she was one of the Grecians, who were characterized, according to Hesiod, as old because they had completely white hair. In some myths, it was said that when Enius delivered the final blow, his body turned into fire.

In some Mycenaean and classical sources, Enialio, god of war, was said to be the son of Enialio and Ares.

In Thebes and Orkomene there was a festival called Homloia (Όμολώϊα) in honor of Zeus, Demeter, Athena and Enialion, and Zeus was said to have received this epithet from Homolois, a priestess of Enialion.

A statue of Ênio, made by the sons of Praxiteles, stood in the temple of Ares in Athens when Pausanias visited him.