Harmonia | Greek Goddess

Harmonia Greek Mythology

Harmonia, in Greek mythology, the personification of peace, harmony and concord. Its Roman equivalent is Concordia. She serves as the antithesis of Eris, goddess of discord. Daughter of Aphrodite and Ares, she represents the ideal balance coming from the union of the goddess of love and the god of war.

She is the wife of Cadmo, with whom she had Ino, Polydorus, Autonoe, Agave, Sêmele, and Illyrius.

Those who described Harmonia as from Samothrace, reported that Cadmo, on his journey to Samothrace, after being initiated into the mysteries, fell in love with Harmonia, and took her as his companion with help from Athena.

When Cadmo was forced to stop at Thebes, Harmonia accompanied him. When they arrived at the tribe of the Framelaus, they assisted them in their war against the Illyrians, and conquered the enemy.

Cadmo then became king of the Peleas, but was later transformed into a serpent. Harmony in her pain asked Cadmo to come to her. When she was embraced by Cadmo in serpent form in a pool of wine, the gods turned her into a serpent, unable to bear to see her suffering.