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Phanes Greek Mythology

Phanes or Phánês (Greek: Φάνης, "light"), in Greek mythology, is a deity born from the cosmic egg that split Aeon and Ananque, and the firstborn deity of Creation, but could also be considered the son of Hydros and Gaia or of Poro and Penia. He could also be called Ericapeus, Priapus, Antauge, Phaeton, and Protogonus. He was considered the same as Eros.

Phanes was the ruler of the gods and gave the scepter of his reign to Nix, his only daughter (according to Orphic tradition), who in turn gave it to her son Uranus. The scepter was taken by force by Uranus' son, Kronos, who lost it to Zeus, the final ruler of the universe. Zeus is said to have devoured Phanes to seize his primordial power over all creation and to distribute it among a new divine generation: the Olympians.


When Kronos - the ancient god of the gods - swallowed his children so that none of them would come to take his place, according to an ancient prophecy, Phanes intervened and prepared a potion that caused him to vomit Zeus, Posidon and Hades alive so that they could when grown rule respectively: heaven, seas and the underworld.