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Pontus Greek Mythology
Ponto or Póntos (Greek: Πόντος, transl. Póntos, "deep sea"), in Greek mythology, was the deity of the open sea, that is, of the depths of the sea.

According to Hesiod, in his work Theogony, like Uranus and the Oreas, Pontus was born by parthenogenesis from Gaia, the Earth, that is, Gaia begot Pontus by herself. Hyginus, on the other hand, stated that Pontus is the son of Earth with Ether.

With Gaia, Ponto begat the old man of the sea Nereus, the wonders of the sea, Taumas, the dangerous aspects of the sea, Phocis, his sister and wife, Ceto, and the fury of the sea, Eurybia. With Thalassa, he fathered the Telquines.