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Chrysippus Greek Mythology

Chrysippus or Chrysippus (Classical Greek: Χρύσιππος; Romaniz.: Chrýsippos), in Greek mythology, was the son of Pelopus and the nymph Axioque and half-brother of Atreus and Thestes. When Laius of Thebes, banished by Zetho and Amphion, took refuge with Pelope, he fell in love with Chrysippus and kidnapped him.

Pelope solemnly cursed him and this is the origin of the curse of the Labdacids (Oedipus' family). Crispus committed suicide out of shame. In another version, Crisippus is killed by his half-brothers, instigated by Hippodamia, his mother-in-law, who feared that her children would be fleeced by the intruder.