Amalthea | Mother of Zeus

Amalthea Greek Mythology
Amalthea (Greek: Amaltheia, Latin: Amalthea) was in Greek mythology a goat that gave its milk to the newborn Zeus when he was raised on the island of Crete, hidden from his father Kronos. She was then raised by Zeus among the stars.

Once the goat had broken off a horn, a nymph gave it to Zeus, wrapped in flowers and filled with fruit. Zeus gave the horn to the nymphs who had cared for him, promising that they would always find in it the good they desired. Amalthea's horn is therefore the symbol of generosity and wealth (horn of generosity).

According to another view, Amalthea was a nymph who became the foster mother of the god Zeus and who fed Zeus with goat's milk and honey.