Enceladus | Mythic Giant

Enceladus  Greek Mythology

Enceladus (classical Greek: Ἐγκέλαδος; Latin: Enceladus), in Greek mythology, was one of the giants, who are the four sons of Gaia. He was created to be the punishment of Athena. He is the smallest and weakest of the giants, but the most intelligent.

He was born to defeat the goddess of wisdom Athena. He is known as the fire giant. He is the brother of the most powerful giant in Greek mythology, Typhon. Known as the one who growls. One of the war machines built to overthrow Zeus.

Encelado and Typhon fought against Zeus and Athena in a bloody battle that culminated in the fall of the last giants. In his battle with Athena and Zeus, he was imprisoned on Mount Etna along with his brother, and there they are trapped to this day spewing their fury upon the Earth.