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Euryale Greek Mythology
Eurylale (Classical Greek Ευρυαλη, "she who runs the world") was a Gorgon, one of the three daughters of Phocis and Keto. Gorgons were three mythological figures from Ancient Greece. Considered monsters, these women had serpents on their heads instead of hair. Other physical characteristics of the Gorgons were: a body covered with scales, metal arms, and large, pointed teeth.

The best known was Medusa, but there were also two other Gorgons: Euriale and Steno.

According to Greek mythology, the Gorgons possessed the ability to turn people who looked directly at them into stone.

In one of the Greek myths, the hero Perseus managed to cut off Medusa's head, enlisting the help of the goddess Athena, goddess of wisdom and strategy. From Medusa's body was born Pegasus, the winged horse and Crisaor, the giant.

Euryale is also the scientific name of the Victoria Regia.