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Orthrus Greek Mythology

Órtros (classical Greek: Ὄρθρος; romaniz.: Órthros - transl.: "twilight, twilight") or Ortos (Greek: Ὄρθρος, transl.: Órthos) was a two-headed dog from Greek mythology.

Considered the fiercest guard dog of antiquity, his tail was a serpent. His mother, Echidna, was a serpent-woman and his father, Typhon, possessed a horse's head. Órtros was the brother of the dog Cerberus, who guarded Hades.

Órtros was the pet of Geryon, a giant with three bodies, six wings and six arms, who herded one of the largest and best herds in all of Africa. Órtros watched over his red cattle, on the island of Erithia, where Heracles killed him, to fulfill his tenth job.

Some say that Ortros' original owner was Atlas, the titan who carried Heaven on his shoulders. It is said that after being killed by Heracles, Ortros ascended into the heavens and became the star Sirius (Dog Star), which is the brightest star in the night sky.