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Stheno Greek Mythology

Estheno (Greek Σθεννώ, strong, vigorous, energetic, powerful, forceful) is a Gorgon in Greek mythology, she is one of the three daughters of Phocis and Keto, sister of Medusa and Eurylus. She inhabited the Far West, near the country of the Hesperides.

The Gorgons were three mythological figures from Ancient Greece. Considered monsters, these women had serpents instead of hair on their heads. Other physical characteristics of the Gorgons were: a body covered with scales, metal arms, and large, pointed teeth. The best known Gorgon was Medusa.

According to Greek mythology, Gorgons possessed the ability to turn people who looked directly at them into stone.


Pontus married his own mother, Gaia, and had several children: Nereus, Taumante, Fórcis, Ceto, and Euribia. Ceto and Fórcis were the parents of the three Grecians, Dino, Aeneus, and Péfredo, the three Gorgons, Aeneus, Euriale, and Medusa, and the serpent guarding the golden apples, and the serpent that guards the golden apples.

The Gorgons

The Gorgons had, instead of hair, serpents, teeth like boars' tusks, hands of bronze, and golden wings with which they flew; they had the power to turn anyone who looked at them into stone.

Perseus, wearing Hades' invisibility hat, arrived when they were asleep, and, seeing Medusa, the only one who was mortal, through his bronze mirror, cut off her head with an adamantine sickle, a gift from Hermes. Out of Medusa's dead body came Pegasus and Crisaor, sons of Posidon.

The other Gorgons went out in pursuit of Perseus, but did not find him, for he was invisible.