Admetus | King of Pherae

Admetus Greek Mythology

Admeto (from the Greek 'Ἄδμητος' Admetos, meaning "Untamed" or "Indomitable") in Greek mythology was a king of Feres, a city in Thessaly, succeeding his father Feres in the city named after him. Admeto was one of the Argonauts and participated in the hunt for the Chalidonian Boar. He was the father of Eumelos and Perimele, and his wife Alcestes volunteered to die in his place.


He was famous for his justice and hospitality. When Apollo was sentenced to a year of servitude to a mortal as punishment for killing Delphine, or according to a later tradition, the Cyclopes, the god chose Admeto as his shepherd.

Apollo in reward for the treatment he received from Admeto - the Hellenic poet Chalimachus of Alexandria makes him one of Apollo's eromenos - made all his cows have twins while he served as their shepherd.