Agenor | King of Phoenicia

Agenor Greek Mythology
Agenor (in classical Greek: Ἀγήνωρ), in Greek mythology, was a king of Tyre. There are several versions about his myth.

According to Pseudo-Apolodorus
Agenor was the twin brother of Belo, sons of Posidon and Libya, daughter of Epaphus and Memphis. Agenor moved from Egypt to Phoenicia and became king there.

Agenor marries Telephasia and has a daughter, Europa, and three sons, Cadmo, Phoenix and Cilix. Pseudo-Apolodorus mentions that there are versions in which Europa is Phoenix's daughter.

When Zeus kidnaps Europa, Agenor orders his sons to retrieve Europa, and not to return without her. Since they could not find Europa, they settled elsewhere.