Athamas | King of Orchomenus

Athamas Greek Mythology

Atamante or Atamas, in Greek mythology, was a king of Orcomenus in Boeotia, the son of Aeolus and Enarete. The story of the Golden Fleece begins with intrigues between his second wife Ino and his children Frixo and Hele.

Pseudo-Apolodorus' version
Atamante was the son of Aeolus and Enarete and was king of Boeotia.

His first wife was Nefele, with whom he had two children, Frixo and Hele. His second wife was Ino, daughter of Cadmo and Harmonia, with whom he had two children, Learco and Melicertes. His third wife was Temisto.

Ino succeeded in indisposing Atamante against Nefele, Frixo and Hele, who fled in the ram with the golden fleece of Hermes. Later, however, by the wrath of Hera, Atamante went mad, the killed Learco with an arrow; Ino threw herself like her son Melicertes into the sea.

Atamante was banished from Beotia and, asking the god where he should live, he received the instruction from the oracle that he should live where he was fed by wild animals; he found a group of wolves devouring sheep, but when the wolves saw him, they fled, leaving their prey.

  Atamante settled in this place, called it Athamantia, married Temisto, daughter of Hypseus, and had four more sons, Leucon, Erythrius, Esqueneus, and Ptous. According to Asio of Samos, Ptous, son of Atamante and Temisto, gave his name to Mount Ptous in Boeotia.