Ismene | Daughter of Oedipus

Ismene Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, Ismenia (in modern Greek Ισμήνη) was the sister of Antigone, Polynices and Aetocles, incestuous sons of Oedipus and Queen Jocasta. In another version, the mother of Oedipus' children was named Eurygania, daughter of Hyperphas.

She was a fragile woman, unlike her sister. She was saddened by her father's departure from Thebes, but took no action about it. When Creon issued a decree forbidding any Theban to bury the body of Polynices, who died in the war against Thebes, Antigone ended up disobeying the law, and buried their brother.

Ismenia, trying to defend her, tried to take the blame and be killed in her sister's place, but was soon denied by her sister.