Phaedra | Wife of Theseus

Phaedra Greek Mythology

In mythology, Fedra (from Greek φαιδρός (phaidros), "bright") is the daughter of Minos (king of Crete) and Pasiphae (daughter of Helios), a well-known oracle, sister of Ariadne, Deucalion and Catreu.

Deucalion, king of Crete, as successor to her older brother Catreu, decides that she will marry Theseus (king of Athens), who, according to some versions, was already married to an Amazon (Anthiopa, Hippolyta), whom he had apparently kidnapped. On the day of the wedding between Theseus and Phaedra, war broke out with the Amazons, and they were defeated.

Antipope and Theseus are said to have had a son, Hippolytus. The young man was very handsome and loved his father very much.

Before everything happened, the gods revealed a prophecy to Phaedra, who was alone with her husband traveling the world, and fell madly in love with Hippolytus.

When she got home, Hippolytus, who was looking for his father, could not find him, and Phaedra took the chance and invited him to go hunting. When they arrived in the forest, they separated from the group and Fedra threw herself into Hippolytus' arms, but Hippolytus pulled away, wouldn't let her get close and left.

While Hippolytus was leaving, Phaedra weaved a rope and tied it to a tree, with the other end around her neck, and threw herself out of the tree, killing herself.

When Theseus arrived at the palace, and learned of his beloved's death, he opened one of her chests, and inside it was a letter saying that she had killed herself after being attacked by Hippolytus. Theseus, very angry, condemned Hippolytus to death.