Hylonome | Centauride

Hylonome Greek Mythology

Hylonome (ancient Greek Ὑλονόμη Hylonómē) is a centaur woman in Greek mythology.

She is said to have been very beautiful and was the wife of Kyllaros. Both were children of Ixion and Nephele.

At the wedding feast of Peirithoos, to which she was invited with her husband, there was a furious fight in which Hylonome fought at her husband's side. Kyllaros was mortally wounded by an arrow and sank into Hylonome's arms.

Hylonome tended his dying limbs, kissed him, and tried in vain to hold back his escaping breath. When she saw him die, she pulled the dart from his heart and plunged in herself.