Pholus | Centaur

Pholus Greek Mythology

Folos - a figure in Greek mythology, the second, next to Cheyron, good centaur, son of Silene and Hamadryada.

One day Heracles traversing Epirus asked Folos for hospitality. He received the hero with due consideration and treated him to food. Heracles, however, unwisely asked to open a wine barrel intended only for centaurs, who, having smelled the liquor, went into a frenzy.

They converged on the cave of Folos and attacked Heracles. Many died in the fight, while the rest had to flee. Pholos did not take part in the struggle, but while burying his dead brothers he was mortally wounded by Heracles' poisoned arrow. Heros gave a solemn funeral to his accidental victim, and placed his ashes on the mountain henceforth named Foloe.