Hedone | Greek Goddess

Hedone Greek Mythology

Hedonê (Greek: Ἡδονή) in Greek mythology, is the daemon or goddess of pleasure. Daughter of Eros and Psyche, she was born in Olympus after Hermes helped her mother return from Tartarus with the beauty of Persephone.

Her birth was the trigger for her mother to be immortalized as a goddess. She is classified as one of the Greek daemones because she deals directly with the body-spirit connection of human beings.

Endowed with lust and persuasion, she is represented as a woman with butterfly wings. Hedonê never married or had children, but she admired and knew the story of her parents, a very beautiful and loving story known to many people.

It is referred to in Epicurean philosophy as a daemon, the fruit of the union of passion and soul. Through an analogy, the term hedonism (pleasure worship) was developed; Hedonê being literally "pleasure" in archaic Greek.

Its counterpart in Roman mythology is "Voluptia"' (Latin Voluptas) Its opposite is algea, the daemones of pain and female spirits that bring sorrow and tears to men.